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  • Easy keypad code changing

  • Lock code rearms when handle is pushed

  • Keypad code for entry, code free exit (Single model)

  • Keypad code required for entry and exit (Double model)

  • Code detection security press plate

  • Interchangeable with other Locinox locks

  • Robust design and construction

  • Salt spray tested - high corrosion resistance

  • 20 mm latch bolt projection adjustment

  • Suitable for square, round or flat gate profiles

  • Can be used with all Gate Control Gear gate closers

As part of the Vinci range of keypad locks, the Vinci single keypad lock is specified when a pass code protected entrance and free passage exit is required.

This lock can be fitted with an easy exit push bar or push pad, for gates which are part of a quick exit route.

Most keypad locks are vertical to minimise deposits of water and debris collecting around the digit buttons. The Vinci is different. Vinci keypads are set at an angle facing upwards to the user making it easier to enter a code, particularly for people with multi-focal glasses. the lock's keypads are protected from water and debris by a hinged polymer cover.

Vinci lock housings are aluminium and the internal lock mechanism's are stainless steel. This provides strength and durability, even in the harshest environments.

If electricity is unavailable and reliable access control is required, Vinci is the solution. Vinci, a completely mechanical lock, no electricity required.

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