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  • Entrance secured by code, free exit

  • Stainless steel keypad buttons

  • Adjustable roller bolt for easy closing

  • 100% mechanical

  • Extremely strong and user friendly

  • Easy & fast code code setup method

The perfect addition to your gate, ensuring security is guaranteed, our gate locks are designed to keep your property secure and leave you with the satisfaction that your gate installation is everything that you need it to be.


The Locinox keypad gate lock and exit push bar offers an easy exit while keeping entry protected with the use of a combination gate lock, preventing entry access without the correct code. 


With a simple code setup method, this keypad gate lock is fully mechanical and requires no electricity or batteries. Featuring aluminium housing and a stainless steel mechanism, this gate keypad lock is fitted with an exit push bar for emergency and normal exit use, ensuring safety without compromising efficiency.


With​ the added benefit of an adjustable latch bolt with 20mm continuous adjustment, providing the perfect alignment during the fitting stage, the Locinox Keypad Lock and Exit Push Bar is the ideal choice for safety and functionality. 

While we pride ourselves in the varied range of gate locks and other gate accessories that we provide, we can understand that trying to pick the perfect product for your gate set up can seem a little daunting. Which is why we offer a product selection support service, providing you with our gate expertise to select the perfect addition to your current gate installation. Our support doesn’t stop after purchase either as we also offer installation support, helping you to fit the new addition to your gate set up over the phone.

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Locinox Push Bar

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