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N LINE Double Mag Lock System

  • 2000mm profile length

  • Profile can be cut to length

  • Supplied with caps and joints for two magnets

  • Two electromagnets included

  • Double sided handle included

  • Can be wired with 12V DC or 24V DC OPTIONS

  • 460 mA (12V) or 230 mA (24V) current demand

  • Quick fix fasteners & profile screws included

  • Made from salt spray tested quality materials

Designed with security and user safety in mind, the N LINE Mag Lock System has no projections to collide with when walking between gate posts, particularly where two electromagnets are fitted (top and bottom).

Rounded edges on the profile, electromagnets and handles give protection from injury, easy opening and unrestricted passage.

N LINE MAG is the ideal system for schools, care homes, factories and any situation where an electromagnet protruding into the pedestrian walk through space could cause injury.


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N LINE Mag Lock - Hidden in profile
N LINE Mag Lock
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