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Tiger Gate Closer and Hinge
Tiger Gate Closer Silver
Tiger Gate Closer Black
Tiger Closer Pool Gate
Tiger Closer Pool Safety

Designed to keep your gate secure, our gate hinge closers provide you with the peace of mind that your gate is fully functional and achieves all of your usage requirements.


With an adjustable closing and latching speed, this hydraulic gate hinge closer is designed to improve the performance of box section gates and frames, allowing gates to open to a full 180° and closing them at a safe, controlled speed. 


With easy installation, this commercial gate hinge is vertically integrated, operates both left and right-hand gates, and is fully functionally at temperatures as low as -30°. The powder-coated aluminium housing provides high corrosion resistance and with additional hydraulic adjustment to control latching speed, this self-closing gate hinge conforms to RoSPA regulations and can be used in applications that require RoSPA compliance.


With the varied range of gate hinges that we have available to choose from, it’s easy to feel unsure about whether the tiger hydraulic gate hinge closer is the right fit for your current gate set up. That’s why we provide product selection support and installation support services, designed to ensure that you end up with the right gate product to amplify the functionality of your gate and install it with little to no hassle.

If you’re on the hunt for a little more than adjustable gate hinges to improve the efficiency and security of your gate installation, look no further than our gate locks and latches products.



  • For gates up to 75kg

  • 180 degree closing range

  • Fast and easy to fit using Quick Fix fittings

  • Adjustable closing speed

  • Adjustable latching speed

  • Small and well designed

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