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A quality, yet affordable pedestrian gate latch for general purpose gates around the home. Made from strong, molded polymer and fitted with stainless steel components. Lokk-latch takes a radical new approach to the gravity latch principal by combing the benefits of key locking and reliable latching action using rust free materials.

We offer Lokk Latch series 2 in two models, with or without an external access kit (EAK). EAK allows gates to be operated from outside the fence. The lockable push button operates through a connecting rod between the latch and the push button. Locking the push button does not lock the latch, it simply locks the push button on this model.


Series 2

  • One or two sided locking

  • Gravity type latch

  • 13mm vertical adjustment

  • 19mm ideal gate gap

  • All keyed alike

  • Key blanks available

  • Round post version available


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