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  • 15 mm Latch bolt retraction

  • 25 mm deadbolt throw with 1 turn of key

  • 20 mm latch bolt adjustment

  • Deadbolt inoperative with blank cylinder

  • 20 mm deadbolt adjustment

  • Deadbolt operative with keyed cylinder

  • Stainless steel chassis and lock parts

  • Available in black, green or silver

  • Comes with handle, push pad and keep

  • Models for 10 mm solid up to 60 mm box section

  • Tested up to 500,000 movements

This variation of the Locinox standard lock is suitable for gates that are part of an emergency exit route and for ease of operation when carrying parcels or other items requiring both hands.

Exit and entry using the push pad or handle is only possible when the deadbolt is not engaged. The deadbolt is engaged by making one turn of the key. The deadbolt will then provide additional night time security.

The Locinox standard lock is easy to install and requires no welding of any parts. Its aluminium lock case and stainless steel lock parts ensure a rust free life - not rusting from the inside, or outside.

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