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Verticlose Gate Closer Inline Hinge
Verticlose Gate Closer Offset Hinge
Verticlose 2 Gate Closer

Verticlose is the big brother to the Lion Gate Closer and has the same features as the Lion.

Designed for installation with both in-line (90 opening) and offset hinged (180 opening) gates, you have one closer which provides automatic hydraulically controlled gate closing for wider and heavier pedestrian gates.

With easy to understand working parameters, you can confidently specify Verticlose simply based upon post and gate detail.

Continuous production batch testing to 500,000 cycles ensures you have the most reliable product possible  and minimises call-backs where time and money are lost. Add to this the use of corrosion resistant powder coated aluminium body parts and stainless steel arms, rails and accessories.



  • 90 degree opening with in-line hinges

  • 180 degree opening with offset hinges

  • Gates up to 1.5m wide x 1.8m high x 150 kg

  • Fully functional down to -30 degrees C

  • Installs on left or right opening

  • Separate closing & latching speed adjustments

  • Production testing for 500'000 cycles

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