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The Magna Latch Side Pull model is an inexpensive, general purpose, magnetic gate latch that offers simple effective latching for flush gates and posts in homes, gardens or factories.

There is now a key lockable version available.

All models offer vertical & horizontal adjustment for quick installation. The generous adjustment extends gate life by allowing the latch to be adjusted should gate sag or ground movement take place.

The Magna Latch Side Pull is also available as a glass hardware kit, designed to fit glass pool gates and 50mm round posts.

  • Side Pull action

  • Simple but effective

  • Fully adjustable for ease of fitting

  • Magnetic latching action

  • Key lockable option

  • Glass gate option

  • Strong polymer construction

  • Stainless steel internal components

Magna Latch Side Pull Lockable
Side Pull Standard
Side Pull Key Lockable
Side Pull Latch Magnetic Action

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