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Magna Latch Top pull
Magna Latch Vertical Pull
Magna Latch Magnetic Action

Magna Latch Safety Gate Latches are the original and still the best magnetic gate latches on the market.

Designed specifically for gates around swimming pools, gardens and child care centres, they use patented magnetic technology and super-strong 'Permanent magnets' to eliminate the possibility of mechanical jamming while closing.

It is designed to extend above the height of the fence to keep the release knob out of reach of children, and is also key lockable for added safety. 

Two different models are available:

TOP PULL (long) version - for child safety 

VERTICAL PULL (short) versions - for general use & restrictive access for pets.

Installation is simple, with vertical & horizontal adjustment of up to 37mm allowing for quick & easy alignment on the gate as well as fine tuning at any time to accommodate for gate sag or movement over time.


  • The market leader

  • Magnetic latching action

  • Key lockable

  • Long & short versions available

  • Easily adjustable both vertically & horizontally

  • Tested to 2 million cycles

  • Strong polymer construction

  • Easy fine tuning for sagging or movement

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