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MAG2500 & MAG5000

  • 250 kg and 500 kg holding force options

  • Every Mag lock force tested at factory

  • Residual magnetism (remanence) ejection system 

  • Can be wired 12V DC or 24V DC

  • 460 mA (12V) or 230 mA (24V) current demand

  • Anti-prise magnet housing edges

  • Salt spray tested two - layer protective coating

  • Easy to install Quick-Fix fasteners - no welding

  • Suitable for 40-80 mm box section gate frames

With the Locinox MAG2500 & MAG5000 you get everything you need to give your customer a durable and reliable electromagnetic lock, but at the same time a stylish appearance to compliment their gate.

Powder coated aluminium handles are included in the kit to make it easy to use and in one half of the handle set, the armature is neatly concealed.

Installation is simple & quick. There are just five holes to drill. Quick fix steel anchors are included to give a strong and dependable mounting.

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Locinox MAG 2500 Lock
MAG 5000 Magnetic Gate Lock
MAG 2500 Magnetic Gate Lock
Magnetic Gate Lock

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