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to restrict opening angles

  • Fast and easy fixing

  • Height adjustable: min 60 mm till 140 mm

  • Aluminium body with rubber stop

  • Included anchor bolt M12 for concrete fixing


Our gate accessories are designed to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that your gate achieves full functionality, and meets all of your usage requirements. 


Featuring a robust aluminium body, this metal gate stopper is an ideal accessory for any gate system. It restricts opening angles as well as preventing any potential impact damage to the gate. 


Perfect for ensuring a good fit with most gate installations, the height of our gate stops us adjustable, offering a minimum height of 60 mm to a maximum height of 140 mm. Due to its versatility, this metal gate stopper can also be used as a wall stop.


Requiring only the use of a single anchor bolt upon installation, the durable material of this accessory makes it suitable as an outdoor gate stop. The rubber cap that is fitted at the top of the stop will also ensure that there is no metal-to-metal contact, which can damage the paint finish of the gate.


Unsure about whether our gate stop accessory is right for your existing gate set up? We offer product selection support, helping you to pick from the wide range of ​gate products that we have available, so that you end up with the right product to improve the functionality of your gate - with minimum fuss. That support continues through to the installation of our products, as we are happy to help with the fitting of any products over the phone. 

Looking for additional security for your gate installation? Our lockable drop bolts, available as part of our range of gate accessories, are easy to install on metal gates and provide you with privacy and safety, thanks to the dependable key-lockable feature.

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