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Easy Garden Gate Closer
Speed Adjustable


Perfect for smaller domestic gates

  • Quick & easy to fit

  • Adjustable closing speed

  • Adjustable latching speed

  • Up to 50 kg gate weight

  • 90 degree opening angle

  • Up to 1m wide gates (max.)

  • Up to 1.8m high gates (max.)

  • Screw fixings included


The Easy Garden Gate closer is the perfect gate closer for a simple DIY fit, ideal for smaller or domestic gates as it is quick and easy to fix, with all screw fittings included.


The GCG2000 gate closer fits best to flush gate and frame arrangements where the gate weight is up to 50kg and the gate hinge is mounted to the corner of the post and the corner of the gate, such as a 'T' hinge or butt hinge.


Both the travel and latching speeds are fully adjustable, ensuring that the gates close in a controlled manner.


These closers are particularly suited to garden gates, picket gates, barrier gates & lightweight doors (non fire rated).

If you need any further information, please contact us today.

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