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  • Suitable for 40-60mm gate profiles

  • Anti climb housing

  • Easy reversible latch

  • Simple installation

  • Salt water tested keypads

  • Comes with latch keep

  • Adjustable latch protection 65-80 mm

This lock is a unique lock which combines two marine grade keypads (back to back) or keypad one side and handle the other. It has a special lock case with anti-ligature features and an adjustable latch bolt designed to fit metal gates of various sizes & types.

The self-locking system is designed to be as adaptable as possible. Being fully reversible, it is suitable for left & right handed gates. The two telescopic fixing screws supplied, makes this gate lock simple to fit to most metal gates.

The two keypads are preset set to the same code, but can be simply & easily changed to different & separate combinations.


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